Board of Directors



Stefanie and Stormy

In October 2011, Stefanie lost a precious little bunny named Baby Gizmo. He was a spoiled and very loved bunny who left a hole in Stefanie’s heart. In his honor, she decided to help bunnies who had never known the love that Gizmo did. She began fostering in his memory. Stefanie is sometimes more behind the scenes and most of the wonderful things TBHRR does would never be possible without her positive and can-do attitude! Stefanie has two bonded bunnies:  Stormy, who was overlooked due to her red eyes and sassy attitude; and Thor (aka Sweetie Pie), who was rescued as a stray from Gadsden Park in Tampa. Originally our Vice President, Stefanie serves as President, and is a Licensed House Rabbit Society Educator.


Sünje and Miles

Sünje and Miles

Sünje made our gorgeous logo and has supported TBHRR even before we were officially formed! Our very first donation came from Sünje and Kurtis, which we used to buy our very first foster bunny pellets and toys. She also made and organized our first T-shirt donation drive and the couple is always up for events and educating the public on the joys of living with house rabbits. Originally an active volunteer, Sünje is now a Board member and our Vice President as well as a Licensed House Rabbit Society Educator.




Wonder how you are reading all of this awesome info? That would be because of Jack!  Very technically-inclined, Jack is the one of the reasons why we have a website, can do Bunny Basics presentations on the run, and fill-out adoption forms online. He’ll put a picture of himself up just as soon as he figures out how to operate a digital camera. Jack is now a Board member and our Treasurer.  He is currently pursuing his application to become a Licensed House Rabbit Society Educator.


Diana with Sunny & Ozzie

Diana is our newest member on the Board serving as our Secretary.  Her enthusiasm, energy, creativity, and love of bunnies is boundless!  Diana has three (3) house rabbits, a bonded pair, Ozzie & Sunny, and Temmie (her foster failure adopted from TBHRR!) plus a guinea pig.  Sometimes the bunnies will interact as a trio and other times, not so much.  She works with special needs children as her daytime job.  Diana is also pursuing her HRS Educator’s License.