Adoption Process

  • Take a look at our Adoptable Bunnies web page and read their profiles to see if there is/are any rabbit(s) you would like to meet.
  • Our adoption process is a mandatory foster-to-adopt, where you first foster the bunny who most interests you.  You cannot adopt a bunny until you have fostered it first. Please read our information on fostering and complete our Foster Application first.
  • After we receive your application, one of our foster counselors will contact you.  Based upon your answers, we may suggest another rabbit, or provide you with alternate care information, etc.
  • Once we find a good match or matches, we will make arrangements for you to meet the rabbit(s).
  • When meeting the rabbit(s), we provide you with a free, mandatory Bunny Basics presentation.  This necessary class will run about an hour and will provide you with informative basic care and some in-depth knowledge on how to properly care for the rabbit(s) being entrusted into your care.
  • A home visit must be conducted to ensure that the environment that the rabbit(s) will be housed in is safe for the rabbit(s).  The definition of safe is at the discretion of the Board member who visits your home.
  • All bunny parents are required to foster for at least one (1) month before formalizing the adoption. This is a trial run. You will not be required to pay an adoption fee until the trial period is over.  This is to ensure that bunny parents know what they are getting into and there are no allergy problems. Rabbits in foster-to-adopt homes will be put on hold and these foster homes have first option to adopt.
  • If the foster trial period is a success and you decide to adopt, our adoption fee is $75 for a single bunny and $110 for an already bonded pair.
  • If you have any questions, please see our Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs) page or feel free to contact us at

Our adoption process is designed to make sure not only that we match you with the right rabbit, but that the rabbit will have a forever home. Every rescue is different. If you are looking for a different adoption process, please see our list of other rescues and shelters.