TBHRR is completely run out of foster homes. Since we do not have a dedicated shelter facility, the number of foster homes is directly related to the amount of rabbits we can save.  Fostering saves lives!

What does it mean to be a TBHRR bunny foster home?
Foster families are primarily adult volunteers who house the rabbit(s) in their own home. While with the foster family, the rabbits are taken care of by you, but are still ultimately the responsibility of TBHRR. We do our best to match you with a rabbit or rabbits that you will be comfortable with fostering and whose personalities will fit well into your home.

How much does fostering cost?
Fostering is practically free!  While you are a foster parent for TBHRR, we assume all responsibility for paying for any veterinary expenses, we supply you with the exercise pen to ensure the minimum 16 sq. feet of space, food/veggie/water crocks, litter pans, litter, fresh hay, pellets, treats, and toys.  We also provide you with a pet carrier so that you can transport the rabbit(s) to TBHRR events or to the vet, if necessary.  Due to distance and daily needs, the only thing we cannot supply is fresh greens and veggies.  You will also be responsible for supplying lots and lots of love!  Remember, any money you spend on your fosters is also tax-deductible since we are a 501(c)(3) public charity.  So, save your receipts!

What is required of TBHRR foster parents?
You will need to be able to provide an indoor, safe, loving environment for the rabbit(s) in your care. We also encourage our foster homes to come to events, since the more events you attend, the more likely your foster bunny is to get adopted. We do require you to be in contact with us and to send updated pictures, provide more detailed personality information, and be able to commit to at least four (4) months of fostering.

What kind of rabbit will I get?
That is up to you! Our foster application will ask you questions about what kind of rabbit you would like to foster, and we will also send you a photo and short description of a rabbit who needs a foster family before sending them to you. We want this to be a positive experience for all involved, so making a good match is important to us.

Will I get sick or unfixed rabbits?
All TBHRR foster rabbits are spayed or neutered, vet checked, treated for ear mites, and are on monthly flea prevention before going to your home. Occasionally, we will get a baby bunny into the rescue who is too young to be fixed. In these circumstances, you will have the option of fostering a baby until it can be spayed or neutered.

I have never had a rabbit before. Can I foster?
Absolutely! We will give you a complete rundown on house rabbit care, and will always be on-call to assist you, should you need anything. Fostering is also a great way to see if rabbit ownership may be something you would like to do in the future.

Can my foster bunny socialize with other pets?
While we encourage you to get your foster rabbit used to everyday occurrences like a dog or cat walking by, or a bird squawking, we do not allow foster rabbits to socialize with resident rabbits. The rabbits will either end up fighting, or they will bond. Since we do not want any bunny getting hurt, and you cannot separate bonded rabbits, we do not allow your own personal rabbits and foster rabbits to interact.  Of course, if you indicated to us that the purpose for fostering one of our rabbits is to find a bonded partner for your personal bunny, then it is understood that they will interact as part of the bonding process.

What will I need?
Foster homes are supplied with all the essentials by TBHRR. You will need to have a space in your home big enough to fit a 16 square foot pen, and room to store some rabbit supplies like a carrier, litter, food, and toys. An example of a typical foster setup is below:Typical foster setup

How do I get started?
The first step is to fill out a foster application. This will help us match you with a rabbit who is a good personality fit for your home, gauge your experience level, and let us see what kinds of rabbits you would like to foster so we can either get one of our waiting bunnies ready, or be able to pull a rabbit from a shelter who is on our waiting list.

To get started saving lives, please fill out our online foster application: