TBHRR would love to work with you in solving any behavioral or other problems that would make keeping your bunny with you a possibility.  We have seen, dealt with, and fixed many issues over the years!

Before you consider surrendering, read this TBHRR article about possible solutions to common bunny owner issues. If your issue is not covered here, please email: and we will be happy to offer further assistance.

TBHRR pulls only from shelters and has a long waiting list.  We do not accept owner surrenders.  As we run on donations and out of private foster homes, we do not have the funds nor the capacity to take in owner surrenders.

If you absolutely must surrender your rabbit, see this list of rescues and shelters, or run a search for your local SPCA, humane society, or animal control.

If you contact us about surrendering your rabbit, we will direct you back to this page. We simply do not have the ability to do it.

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