Found Rabbit

You have found a rabbit, now what? The first step is to determine if it is a wild rabbit, or a domestic rabbit.

Wild Rabbits
Wild rabbits in Florida will either look like

an Eastern Cottontail:
eastern cottontail

Or a Marsh Rabbit:
marsh rabbit

If you have found either adults or babies of either of these rabbits, please do not disturb them. You can read more here:

If the wild rabbit is injured, please call your local wildlife rehab center. If you are having trouble finding your local wildlife rehab, contact a local avian or exotics vet and ask for a reference.

Please do not contact TBHRR about wild rabbits, we will not be able to help.

Domestic Rabbits
If the rabbit you have found is a domestic rabbit and you are able to keep it for a week or more, please start by posting ‘found’ signs in the community, and running an ad in the paper. Posting online in various ‘found’ forums such as Craigslist and Facebook groups for lost and found pets will also help. Be sure to contact your local shelters and give them a picture or description of the rabbit, in case someone comes looking for their lost pet at a nearby facility.

If the owner cannot be located, and you would like to keep the rabbit, TBHRR would be more than happy to help you with any information you may need and direct you to good bunny vets and supplies.

If you cannot find the owner, but would like to rehome the rabbit yourself, try posting signs on community bulletin boards, joining house rabbit groups on social media, and giving your information to pet supply stores who do not sell rabbits.

If you need to take the rabbit to a shelter or rescue, you can see our list of them here:

While rabbit rescues are the preferred place for the bunny to end up, they do not always have the space or funds to take the rabbit. If you must take the rabbit to a shelter, be sure to call the shelter first and make sure not only that they have space, but that they accept rabbits.

At this time, Tampa Bay House Rabbit Rescue does not accept stray bunnies. While we would love to have room and funds for every rabbit that needed us, we simply do not. Thank you for saving this bunny. Domestic rabbits dumped in the outdoors do not last long, and you have saved this rabbit from a very unhappy ending.